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ESFR-SMART student: Alexandre Lecoanet

The PhD of Alexandre Lecoanet was carried out in LEMTA (University of Lorraine/France) and LEAG (CEA/Cadarache/France) within the scope of ESFR-SMART project. Example of cavity shape evolution. During a severe…

ESFR-SMART Newsletter 2

ESFR-SMART Newsletter n°2

The second edition of the yearly newsletter of the ESFR-SMART project is now online! Learn more about the safety of Generation IV Sodium Fast Reactors (SFR) by clicking here.

Course in Gotenborg - © Mia Halleröd Palmgren

ESFR-SMART course in Gothenburg

A one-week course on “Deterministic modelling of reactor systems” took place at Chalmers University of Technology, in Gothenburg (Sweden), from 9-13 September 2019. Gathering 11 in-person  and 16 off-site participants, …

ESFR-SMART Newsletter

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