INSPYRE to support ESNII prototype reactors


The outputs of international research programmes and projects will feed into the activites carried out in the ESFR-SMART project. The Horizon 2020 INSPYRE project launched in September 2017 has common links with ESFR-SMART. It focuses on the investigation of fast reactor MOX fuel to support the licensing of the start-up cores of the ESNII reactor prototypes and will:

  • Use carefully designed separate effect (modelling and experimental) investigations to accurately describe basic phenomena occurring in the fuel with sound physical models, expanding empirical fuel behaviour knowledge gained in the past in irradiation tests and post irradiation examinations
  • Characterise selected key irradiated fuel samples to fill clearly identified knowledge gaps
  • Combine and leverage basic and technological research to enhance and extend the reliability range of traditionally deduced empirical laws governing performance of nuclear fuels under irradiation
  • Implement the new models and data obtained in the fuel performance codes used for the design of the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII) systems and apply the improved codes to ESNII relevant conditions.

The measurements of the safety-related fuel properties in ESFR-SMART are planned to be performed in parallel to the INSPYRE activities. Collaboration and exchange of information will be sought.

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