Education and training are key elements for the future development of sodium fast reactors. A series of actions will be undertaken within the ESFR-SMART project:

  • educational tools and learning methodologies will be improved
  • workshops targeting PhDs, post-docs, designers, stakeholders will be organised and will highlight the safety issues related to the development of sodium fast reactors and in particular the operation of sodium facilities
  • doctoral dissertations related to sodium fast reactors will be supported
  • the mobility of PhD students and post-docs will be encouraged


To improve and harmonise the diffusion of scientific knowledge and results of researchers from different R&D areas, 6 workshops and one summer school will be organised during the course of the project. The workshops are listed below and will be promoted as soon as more details become available.

Sodium facilities design and safe operation

Workshop 1

Instrumentation for safety

Workshop 2

Liquid metal thermal hydraulics and fuel safety

Workshop 3

Deterministic modelling of nuclear systems

Workshop 4

Magneto-hydrodynamics in liquid metal systems

Workshop 5

Prevention, management and mitigation of severe accidents

Workshop 6

Mobility grants

Students’ mobility between organisations and between or at Sodium Experimental platforms, in particular for the students involved in the R&D studies performed in this project is necessary. For this purpose, grants will be offered to support the exchange of students and to exploit the results that support the development of sodium fast reactors. This will allow to:

  • create synergies between organisations involved in ESFR-SMART
  • create synergies among the European sodium experimental platforms: CHEOPS (CEA), PAPIRUS (CEA), DRESDYN (HZDR), KASOLA (KIT), SOLTEC (KIT), AMPERE (IPUL), TESLA (IPUL)
  • encourage cross-activities between two organisations involved in the same field of research
  • enhance the exchange of knowledge and experience between partners

Meet our PhD and MS students

The ESFR-SMART project aims to support the next generation of researchers and enhance their knowledge and competencies. As such, some of the research carried out in the project will be performed by researchers preparing their Doctoral or Master thesis.