ESFR-SMART workshop in Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Save the date for the European ESFR-SMART workshop on liquid metal thermal hydraulics, fuel safety & source term, taking place in Madrid from 11-14 June 2019!


Organised in the framework of the ESFR-SMART project, this workshop is devoted to topics related with thermal-hydraulics and fuel performance of Generation IV reactors, as well as other issues concerning the safety of sodium fast reactors.


One important aspect of safe operation of the Generation IV reactors relies on the coolant behaviour. The understanding of the thermal-hydraulic phenomena of liquid metals is crucial for the design and safety assessment of the new reactors. Detailed knowledge of fuel behaviour under steady-state, transient and accident conditions is also an important part of the safety analysis.

The workshop aims to introduce the audience into the field of thermal-hydraulics of liquid metals and fuel performance, emphasising the relationship with reactor safety. Firstly, fundamentals of nuclear thermal-hydraulics and fuel behaviour will be addressed, focusing on liquid metals and particularly on sodium. Then, the modeling strategies and computer codes for the simulation of those relevant physical phenomena will be tackled. The dedicated experiments to investigate the involved phenomena and mechanisms will also be presented, as well as other current safety issues.


Access here the agenda (from Tuesday 11th 12:30 pm to Friday 14th 12:30 pm).


To register, please fill the following form (before May 22nd 2019).

Priority registration will be given to:

  • the ESFR-SMART partners
  • students involved in the ESFR-SMART project
  • European universities implementing Generation IV education and/or research activities



  • General aspects of liquid metal fast reactors
  • Liquid metal thermal hydraulics & numerical tools
  • Heat transfer & hydrodynamics in specific scenarios. Experimental facilities
  • Fuel safety in steady-state & severe accidents
  • Sodium fires & aerosol behaviour


Master and PhD students are the main target audience for this workshop. Regulatory authorities, scientific and technical staff and young professionals are also welcome. The course’s objectives will be achieved by means of lectures and ideas exchange with specialists involved in R&D. A session of practical exercises using appropriate computer codes is also scheduled for Master and PhD students. The workshop language will be English.


This workshop is free of charge for all participants.


The workshop will be held in Madrid, at the Naval Engineering School of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), and at the CIEMAT Research Centre.

Naval Engineering School of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Avenida de la Memoria, 4,
28040, Madrid

CIEMAT Research Centre
Avenida Complutense, 40,
28040, Madrid


Participants are responsible for their travel and accommodations. There is a wide offer of hotels, hostels and pensions in Madrid. Most of them can be booked online.

Some recommended hotels in the Moncloa district, near UPM & CIEMAT: