The European workshop on Magneto-hydrodynamics in liquid metal systems (MHD)

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organised by the university of latvia institute of physics, the european workshop on magneto-hydrodynamics in liquid metal systems (MHD) took place in two parts in krakow, poland and salaspils, latvia 8-12 july 2022. 

This workshop was organized within the frame of WP3-1, coordinated by CEA (France), by Institute of Physics. In order to be more attractive, it was jointly organized in two parts and consequently two places: part 1 in Krakow (Poland) AGH University of Science and Technology (8-9 July) , and part 2 in Riga & Salaspils (Latvia), by University of Latvia July (11-12 July). A Scientific Committee was involved in the preparation of part 2 in Riga.

part 1

Part 1 was embedded in Summer School following PAMIR Conference (4-7 July), organized by AGH Krakow and European Society of Magnetohydrodyamics (EuMHD), with the high contribution of University of Cagliari (UniCa Italy). Lectures were given on the following:

  • Liquid metal uses in nuclear field (Liquid Metal Fast Neutron Reactors, mainly Na, and Fusion ie Pb-Li)
  • Modelling & design of Thermopumps and their implementation in Gen-IV systems

Close to these topics, the following lectures were of high interest for the attendees:

  • Energetic systems
  • Electrohydro-dynamics
  • Magnetic fluids
  • Hydro-electricity
  • Thermo- acoustic systems and electricity production
  • MHD electrical generators
  • Hydrogen technology
  • Solar energy

In Rige, MHD basics, R&D on MHD applications including Electromagnetic pumps and thermo-pumps, Sodium Fast Reactors and the ESFR-SMART project were addressed. Modelling strategies and computer codes for the simulation of these relevant physical phenomena were also tackled. After these lectures, a more practical part on start-up and operation of dedicated Na loop (SSL-EMT) and its instrumentation, including practical calibration exercises on flowmeters, was organised in Institute of Physics in Salaspils under the supervision qualified staff. After experiments, students analysed the results then reported during the last Session.

Visit of the TESLA-EMP loop and SSL-EMT Na facility

Na loop (SSL-EMT)


It was possible to follow both parts of the event remotely, except of course the visit of IPUL facilities.

18 lecturers from UL, CEA, PSI, AGH, CNRS, UniCa and other institutions were involved in this event, for both parts.

22 attendees, including 14 students, followed the lectures. the workshop was very rich in content and greatly appreciated by the students and other participants.

ESFR-SMART warmly thanks the organisers from the Institute of Physics of the University of Latvia (IPUL-Riga), University of Science and Technology (AGH Krakow) and EuMHD (UniCa Cagliari), all the lecturers, operators of the Na loop in Riga and all students and attendees for their deep participation.