First ESFR-SMART workshop in Rome

Organised by ENEA and dedicated to sodium facilities design and safe operation, the first ESFR-SMART workshop took place in Rome, from May 22 to 24, 2018.


To perform research and development activities (such as the validation of codes or the qualification of systems and components), it is necessary to operate experimental facilities. The first ESFR-SMART workshop aimed at establishing guidelines and good practices for facilities design and operation, and more particularly safety issues related to sodium induced by its chemical reactivity. A specific focus had been on the instrumentation required for safe operation. As the main topic proposed to the students, functional analysis methodology was also addressed for several selected facilities.

Overall, this workshop offered a great opportunity to discuss and share ideas between the young generation and researchers from the heavy liquid metal community, among others. Thanks to the “workshop scientific committee” (led by Marco Ciotti), and the “workshop organising committee” (led by Tiziana Guarcini), this event was successful. It gathered 38 participants, among them 19 students (1 MSc, 16 PhDs and 2 Post-docs), 13 teachers (expert-researchers) from the CEA, CIEMAT, ENEA, HZDR, IPUL, KIT, PSI, UCAM, Uni-Bologna, Uni-La Sapienza, UPM and SCK-CEN.